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Christine Kloser, “The Transformational Catalyst,” is a spiritual guide, award-winning author, and transformational book coach whose spot-on guidance transforms the lives of visionary entrepreneurs and authors around the world. Her passion is fueled by her own transformation in 2011 when she fully surrendered and discovered her authentic self. She now blends her passion for personal (and global) transformation with her gifts as a transformational book coach. Get her free training at

Contributing Authors


Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called “the voice for conscious evolution of our time” by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch’s new book “The Mother of Invention.” A prolific author, visionary, social innovator, evolutionary thinker and educator, she is co-founder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. She is the producer and narrator of the award-winning documentary series entitled Humanity Ascending: A New Way Through Together and is teaching her seminal course: Agents of Conscious Evolution with The Shift Network, becoming a global ambassador for the conscious evolution movement; a shift from evolution by chance towards evolution by choice.


Bo Eason ~ Former NFL Standout, acclaimed Broadway playwright, performer, and Presence/Story Coach to some of the most successful people in the world. His play, Runt of the Litter, written and performed by Bo, has toured over 50 cities nationally. The New York Times named it, “One of the most powerful plays in the last decade.” Soon to be a major motion picture, Bo is adapting Runt for the big screen. He is co-founder of World’s Greatest Speaker Training with Brendon Burchard and a Senior Fellow with CEG Worldwide where he is the co-founder of Perfecting Your Personal Story and Power of Presence. Bo Eason’s Personal Story Power Programs have reinvented how speakers communicate.


Lisa Nichols is a best-selling author, a popular public speaker, a powerful coach, and a charismatic teacher! She has reached millions, both nationally and internationally with her powerful message of empowerment, service, excellence & gratitude. Her participation in the self-development phenomenon, The Secret, catapulted her popularity across the globe. Lisa has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Extra, Larry King Live and on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning show, Starting Over. Her book, No Matter What! hit 6 bestsellers lists, including the New York Times, in the first 37 days of being released.


Neale Donald Walsch has written 27 books on spirituality and its practical application in everyday life, the latest of which is What God Said (Penguin Putnam, 2013). Taken together, books in the series have been translated into 37 languages, and seven of those books have reached the New York Times Bestseller List. Neale is also the creator of several worldwide outreach projects: The CwG Foundation, CwG for Parents, Humanity’s Team, the Changing Change Network, The Global Conversation, and CWG Connect, all accessible through the internet gateway site, and all dedicated to helping the world move from violence to peace, from confusion to clarity, and from anger to love. Neale lives with his wife, the American poet Em Claire, in Ashland, Oregon, USA.


Noni Boon holds a diploma in arts, a certificate in holistic counseling, a certificate in communication skills, and is an accredited intuitive consultant. With her knowledge of art and life, Noni developed a series of five simple yet effective principles called “Life Design” that helps people find their creative power, channel clear inspiration, and completely transform their lives for the better. For more information about Noni’s work, visit or email her at for a free half-hour consultation.

MaryJo Briggs, MScEd, AADP, is a spiritual guide, psychic intuitive, registered medium, and gifted transformational writer. She empowers women globally to create passionate, purposeful lives free from the struggles of addiction, victimization, and chronic disease. Known for her ability to inspire women to transcend limiting beliefs, her new books, Windows of Awareness: A Mystics Guide to Bulimia – Free Living and The Spirituality of Food, release in 2013. Receive MaryJo’s free training, “The 7 Steps to Mastering the Energy of Intention” at


Janis Butler received a BA in History with a minor in French from Stanford University. She received a post bachelor’s credential in elementary language arts. Later she received a BA in Spanish and taught Spanish for eight years. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica and writing THE TWO YOUS: How to Awaken to Your Soul and Be Present to Yourself and to Life. Visit for more information.

Tara Chatterton healed herself from emotional and physical wounds and now enjoys encouraging others to heal and reach their full potential. She continues her learning, understanding, and practice of sat nam rasayan, the ancient healing art in the tradition of kundalini yoga. Along with her love of wisdom and music, she makes time for writing, singing, and more important, the growth of her son. you can contact her at and

Marilyn Garrett, former librarian, teacher, and realtor, published Journal of ChristIAm in 1991. She leads guided imagery and meditation, and enjoys sharing focus, relaxation, and imagery with children. Marilyn knows you can hear God’s voice, too; most already do, though they may doubt themselves or fear admitting it. Her website,, offers techniques and a forum for sharing this experience plus ChristIAm messages. You may request a complimentary full-color frameable version of “Sunlight and Rain.”


Bridgit Charandura Gooden, a Zimbabwean-born economics major turned Pilates/yoga/meditation teacher, lives in Chicago. Born into a family ridden with loss and secrets, she silence her voice and chose a career that kept her safe from being seen of heard. However, the Universe had other plans, and once she surrendered to God’s call, Bridgit was inspired to become an agent for transformation and love around the world. For a free 30-minute consultation, please contact Bridgit via


Christina Haas, a former business owner and CPA, is an emerging voice for women of all ages who yearn to release the guilt, pain, and isolation of having an abortion. Through her own journey, Christina helps women experience forgiveness, healing, acceptance and freedom around this sensitive issue. A natural cheerleader, she’ll help you feel more connected to yourself and others as you learn how to live more fully as who you’re meant to be. Learn more at


Vivian Hanai is Divine Inspiration and President of Merkabah Empire – Sustainable and Human Development Association. She is the co-creator of Triumph Alchemy ™, a method that focuses on fully reintegrating human beings into the Original Source. The techniques improve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual awareness in order to promote excellence in every aspect of life, including: self-esteem, love and relationships, and financial freedom. You are invited to express your full potential, inspire those around you and co-create Heaven on Earth at


Katrine is an alchemist whose mission is the co-creation of a New Wave Paradigm on our planet. Her thought leadership on spirituality, health, and wealth guide conscious leaders, individuals, and professionals to find self-worth, connectedness, autonomy, clarity, courage, and direction to thrive in the new economy and create vibrant health and wealth with divine purpose. Katrine teaches globally to bring about new awareness and solutions for spiritual and systematic healing. For speaking engagements, events, books, and sessions, visit


Angela is a Shadow Path Facilitator and published author of a book being released in mid-2013. She is called “One who opens doorways to the mind and soul.” Angela teaches and guides people to self-explore and find their voices and their power by removing the Shadow filters between the mind and spirit. She developed the Inner Evolution Course, a path through the Shadow. To discover more and receive a free Shadow Gift, visit


Calli Meister has impacted the lives of tens of thousands as a trusted Wellness Consultant, Master Intuitive Energy Practitioner, and Spiritual Guide. Through her powerful journey from abuse and paralysis to standing triumphant, Calli is living proof of the strength within the steadfast Spirit. She now shares her extraordinary story globally, empowering others as a transformational energy healer, intuitive life coach, retreat facilitator, author, and powerhouse speaker. Learn more and receive Calli’s free audio meditation, “The Self Empowerment Key”


Fiona Miller, BSc started her professional life as an ecologist in the seventies. Then as a certified counselor, teacher and coach she worked in the field of personal and professional development for over twenty years. Today Fiona is a spiritual teacher, mentor, and author. She inspires others to positively contribute to the future well-being of humanity and Mother Earth by living from their hearts rather than their heads. For additional information, visit


Rosie Quigley is a soul-alchemist and truth-seeker. By following signs from the Divine, she is unraveling the mysteries of life and love. Having spent close to two decades ill and confined to her home, she learned to tap in to the invisible world for strength and encouragement. The flowers revealed secrets that helped her get well. Rosie desires to nurture you so you can expand and connect to your powerful, authentic, divine self. Meet Angel Celine at

Dr. Mia Rose is the founder of The Soulwoman Sanctuary and the editor-in-chief of Soulwoman eMagazine. Mia is a prize-winning author and psychologist with over twenty years of experience in helping people find their life purpose and master the spiritual practice of health, wealth and happiness. She is a powerful voice in modern spirituality and shares her inspirational message about the beauty of love with a global audience at

Jeff has worked as a youth and family minister for almost two decades helping churches and adults transform young people into caring adults. He is the author of The New Pharisee, a screenwriter, an actor, and a film and stage director. He wrote, directed, and produced the feature film Heart of the City, and is a member of the Telly Awards’ Silver Council. Jeff resides with his lovely wife in Minnesota. To connect with Jeff, visit his blog at


Marcia Ullett, MA, LMFT, CPC is a licensed psychotherapist and certified professional coach. While her professional experience has impacted thousands of lives, Marcia’s own life experience is a living, breathing example of how to move out of the darkness and into a life filled with purpose, light, and gratitude. Her book Your Best Life Yet is set for release in 2013. Please visit to get her free report, “Having It All: The Fine Art of Balancing Your Life.”