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Known to many as “The Transformation Catalyst®,” Christine Kloser is a respected leader, speaker, author, coach, and mentor. Since 2007 she has been on a mission to help aspiring authors liberate their soul’s message and bring it forth in the world. She is thrilled to expand her work and help transform the world one person at a time by teaching people how to live a Soulful and Successful life. Learn more at

Contributing Authors

don awaltDon Awalt, an accomplished musician, a single father of three adult children, and an avid student of personal and professional development, has spent most of his career in corporate America. His passion is helping people through personal transformation and working with companies to create an environment of meaningful work for their employees. His book, The Uncomfortable Zone, will be released in 2016. Visit for more information and a complimentary study guide.

“Bea” Joy Christianna B’s mission is to BLESS and INSPIRE others wherever her heart takes her, radiating LIGHT and LOVE through soulful messages of HOPE with JOY.  She rejoices in being an encourager through the spoken and written word, including her love for sharing poetry and other “heart gifts of HOPE.” To find out more about the special “heart gift” she wants to share with you and the world visit:

Dr. Reggie Blount, “The Masterpiece Living Coach,” has over twenty years of experience as a pastor, professor, and agent of hope and transformation. As a transformational leader he is committed to aiding people in discovering their divine purpose and living the masterpiece life they were created to live. Learn more about How to Care for a Masterpiece at


Yolanda Bradford is a transformational speaker and leader who teaches people how to liberate themselves from wounds of the past and step into their full authentic expression in the world. Her BA in metaphysics combined with her powerful presence as a teacher is what draws people to her for their own healing and transformation. You can learn more about Yolanda’s services and her forthcoming book, My Mother’s Womb, at

Andria Corso is an award-winning executive leadership, career, life coach, author, and the founder of AndriaCorso & Co.. Her latest book, Fear to Flow: How to Let Go of Your Struggle and Allow Life to Unfold Perfectly, will be published in June, 2016. To learn more and to receive a free audio on How to Overcome the Top Five Fears that Keep You Stuck and Struggling, please visit



Joseph GraceJoseph Grace is a software engineer by trade and had been lucky in life until about a decade ago. Since then he has persisted in turning some proverbial lemon investments into lemonade, but the unyielding and all-too-successful fraudsters resist! He has developed a powerful coping mechanism that he uses to deal with unyielding adversity. He shares his shift in thinking in the hope that his own life transformation will translate to resilience, good fortune, and success in yours.

dmarie.hansonD. Marie Hanson, Ph.D, research psychologist, scholar, and mentor derives great satisfaction from assisting doctoral students produce cutting-edge research on the elements of what it is to be human, and others “connecting the dots” between the realities of human experience and the divine. Visit to discuss your Life-Path experiences on her blog.


Wendy’s book, The Principles of Peace, is planned for release in 2016. She is an author, speaker, and teacher of Truth and has a degree in new thought and metaphysics. Wendy currently teaches, advocates, and mediates on behalf of peace and conducts workshops that assist and inspire individuals on their path to living joyful and harmonious lives. If you would like to speak with Wendy or receive information about her book, services, and speaking engagements, visit

Michael JamesMichael James, a business owner, success coach, and motivational speaker, inspires people from all walks of life to embrace their journey and experience the life of their dreams. The lessons he learned bicycling solo across the country for forty-two days caused life-changing shifts that lead to a 400 percent growth of his construction company, a newfound enthusiasm for life, and a new career coaching and mentoring people to accomplish their dreams while enjoying the journey.

Steven_LovinkSteven Lovink is a visionary entrepreneur, peace-builder, whole-system thinker, and outside-of-the-box change-maker. Committed to building wholes greater than the sums of their parts, he continues his life’s journey sensing humanity’s emerging future and assembling its building blocks a piece at a time. He is currently working on his forthcoming book, provisionally titled On Profits4Life – The Alchemy of Money, Love, and Life. For more information visit

Healing artist Veronica R. Lynch, Ph.D. empowers others to free themselves of the blocks from the past that prevent them from experiencing a life of abundance, peace, joy, happiness, and bliss. Veronica is co-author of the international bestselling book Pebbles in the Pond – Wave 4. Her book Silent No More is planned for release in 2016. For information about the book, visit For information about Veronica’s retreats, products, and services, visit

Beth Ellen Nash founded Wings to Soar Online Academy where dyslexics and other outside-the-box learners gain the skills and confidence to not just survive but thrive in school and in life. Look for her forthcoming books, Help and Hope for Dyslexics and Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person. Consider booking Beth Ellen as a speaker or retreat leader. View Beth Ellen’s Authentic, Abundant, and Powerful Me Tribute video or schedule a complimentary consultation at

Lauren Perotti is a transformational speaker, author, and coach who guides spiritual seekers whose success rings hollow to ignite the fire of their purpose, passion, and power. Blending over thirty years of expertise in business, psychology and the arts, Lauren’s creative programs give you tools to align your life with your highest vision and make your life a masterpiece. Visit to claim her gift and kickstart your journey to be energized, empowered and enlightened.

Lilia Shoshanna Rae’s mission is to help clients live Heaven on Earth, attaining deep peace and joy through meditation and healing practices. During Reiki sessions, she delivers messages from angels and accesses star energy to give clients new perspective on their soul’s purpose. She loves to teach classes on the sacred mysteries of alchemy, sacred geometry, and the Enneagram to help clients transform and transcend. Find her blog and a sample meditation at

Linda T. Roebuck founded A Community of Transformation (ACT), a non-profit educational organization, in 2001, whose focus is on holistic health: A teaching Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master, Linda is a gifted spiritual mentor, catalyst for change, and facilitator of remembering ancient knowledge. Her business, Linda Roebuck and Associates, LLC, offers programs, training, and individual sessions using the Alchemical Attunement and Activation (AAA) Healing© system she developed. Her website is

Although Christine Rosas has lived on three continents, traveled to twenty-three countries, and covered thirteen thousand miles in eighty-three days on a US road trip with her kids in a mini-van, she doesn’t consider herself an adventurer. Christine is simply someone who believes in the power of living outside your comfort zone. Download her free ebook, How to Face Your Fears and Embrace Your True Self, at

ASmithAlistair Smith was drawn into this incarnation to live the journey that structure has to undertake if it is to be able to surrender into a loving relationship with Life in which it can operate in service to the great evolutionary impulse coming from the heart of creation. Cancer has been his most profound teacher, taking him to deeper levels of surrender. He shares his journey through writing from his home in Australia.

Keri SmithKeri S. Smith is a senior vice-president who collaborates with executive management in Fortune 500 companies. A founding member of two global businesses, she has worked with corporate leaders, churches, youth, and women in business programs. Keri is a people-focused leader, passionate about contributing to the world. She received her BA in economics (with a minor in industrial engineering) from Smith College in Massachusetts. Born and raised in Jamaica, she now lives in New York.

Pedro “Power”, ordained metaphysical minister and founder of the International Metaphysics Center, graduated from the University of Metaphysics at Sedona. He is also a certified metaphysical practitioner, transformational author, healer, counselor, spiritual guide, teacher, and transformational coach. Pedro’s proven how-to program enables people to discover their true purpose, take control of their life, and harness the forces that will transform their destiny. His book Transformation from Within is planned for release in 2016. For information visit When Enough Is Enough!

Meredith Weil, B.A., J.D., believes improving the lives of others is the vehicle for improvement of our own. Through teaching yoga, her holistic coaching practice, and her own journey of overcoming self-doubt and discovering her inner wisdom, she impacts the lives of others in a positive way and assists them in their own process of self-discovery and transformation. To receive a free consultation and learn more about her upcoming events and programs, visit